Eva Rae’s Song, American Historical

Born just after the Civil War, Eva Rae’s an old woman now, and her granddaughter wants some stories.

But what to tell?

There’s the father who sold her into marriage at 13 to a scary old Rebel who proved to be a better man than ever she expected…the strong and good man whose Osage blood marked her and her children for shame…and life with a despicable man who harmed her family beyond measure.

Certainly, there are tales to tell of homesteading, railroading, outlaws, and deep friendships with a cantankerous boardinghouse madam and a remarkable black cowhand.

But above all, there are the sins that she must face squarely:  choices made to neglect her own children as she struggled to turn a star-crossed orphaned nephew from a life of crime.

Can others understand and forgive?  Can she forgive herself?

So she sits, writes, and her song spills forth.

Set in Missouri, Kansas, and the Indian Territories of present-day Oklahoma, Eva Rae’s Song spans the years from just after the Civil War to World War II and beyond.

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