Ain’t This Romantic!?! by Kent Hanawalt

Ain't This Romantic by cowboy author Kent HanawaltWhile NASA was sending a man to the moon, this cowboy was still roping cows, branding calves, shoeing horses, packing mules, and blowing up the washing machine. Collected here are a series of triumphs and tribulations from a life in the cow country of Montana. Filled with humor, information,and a little suspense, this book will engage anyone who is drawn to cowboys, horses, and the Old West.

Says C. J: This is the real deal, and written by somebody who knows how to put pen to paper and rope a calf. And if you want a good, solid edu-ma-cation on real live cattle ranching, do visit his his website, Montana Cowboy College.

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Kent cowboyed in Montana for 20 years, shoeing, breaking horses, packing, and riding, before having a wreck with a team of horses that left him with a broken back.

He had always made his living with that back, but it seemed that now was the time for him to start using his head. Kent put himself through college working as a Paramedic in Great Falls, graduating with a degree in Health Care Administration. Over the next ten years he worked as a hospital CEO, nursing home administrator, and received his MBA.

He is currently the managing partner of the family ranch, takes occasional assignments as an interim administator, and writes.

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To Inherit a Murderer, “Country” Paranormal Suspense

At seven, William killed his mother’s dog. At ten, he stabbed his father with a letter opener. There’s the murder of the family maid. Willed custody of her best friend’s son, Deborah brings home a boy driven by hatred and rage. Injured by him the very first day, he threatens her carefully secured life with increasingly violent acts. But William begins to believe in Deborah as he has never believed in anyone. When Deborah starts to trust in William, though, death answers.

To Inherit a Murderer: Bk I: The Ward by E. J. Ruek

A chilling account of a woman who, against her better judgment, reaches out to a boy everyone has pegged as evil. –Liz Brenaman

Reuk is up there with the best. Crisp, balanced prose. A unique, well-told story. And a protagonist and antagonist the reader won’t be able to get enough of. I’m thrilled The Ward is just the first book in a series. …The Ward is the reason I keep sifting through the galaxy of small and independent publishers; the novel is unique, and it’s very good. –Clayton Bye, Reviewer

“One of those books that makes you twitch, even after you’ve read the last page.”

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Strays, a “Texas Family” Novel

Strays by Marian Hoy:

Sydney is retired and rather than live on her big, Texas Hill Country ranch by herself she takes in strays, both animal and human. Her only rule: you have to be a senior citizen. The fun begins when three young children are dropped off at the ranch. Rather than turn them over to child protective services, the gang decides to take care of them themselves. How hard could it be?

CJ Says: A country novel that, though I think somebody in the editorial department at Javelina Books put through some faulty software editor that removed all ‘that’s and other “unnecessary” words, it’s still a fun, strong story. Reviews of this novel give it an excellent rating of 4.5 stars, the one complaint being “too much cussing.” Well, cussing is a part of life, including rural and country life, so there ya be. I mean, heck, there’s a little ‘Old Time Religion’, and some ‘Jesus’ in the novel, too, so it all balances out, right? ūüėÄ -CJ


Marian Hoy has been¬†writing children’s stories for more than 30 years, and also writes¬†about her travels in Mexico and Honduras. ¬† She has been a published author for many years, and we are proud to have her with the Javelina Books team of writers. She also trains Private Investigators in the art of criminal investigations, and has begun writing¬†intriguing mysteries about current events.¬† From time to time she adds a generous splash of romance¬†for the grizzled men of mystery.

Marian lives quietly in a small community in the rolling green hills of the Texas Hill Country, and spends hours sitting in the shade of her backyard writing and watching sweet hummingbirds spirit about the abundant Bougainvillea.