Prey for Survival, a novel

PreyForSurvival160x160So, I started reading +S. Bradley Stoner ‘s Prey for Survival

First off, the Prologue is a must read–cogent.

This book isn’t written for the hurry-up, “give me the candy right now” reader. It’s reflective, with a word-by-thought delivery that puts you completely inside Jed.  So far, it’s a very personal read, and a very good read for anyone who knows this kind of living.  I lived pretty primitively for a span of years, and, as a kid, had survival skills taught me by an old timer who lived off the land, in the wilds, during his young adulthood, so I have the underpinnings necessary to really grasp the nuance and subtleties of how edgy the situation is I find Jed living. I also really feel his internalized motivations for withdrawing from life among people. So far, and I’m only 12% through the read, this novel is a significant work. I don’t think it’s a read for those who want the typical action-adventure wilderness drama.  It’s written more carefully, more introspectively, than is the usual fare, but it’s definitely REAL.