Novel & Book Criteria

Western_Star_in_Montana_Rockies194x300So, no sooner is this site live and I start getting emails asking what criteria I look for in the books I choose to be featured in Reading Country. Well, first and foremost, the writing’s got to be good. No poor quality writing or sloppy editing. Then it’s got to have “country” or “rural” as its setting, whether contemporary or historical, and that “country” has to be accurate. Don’t figure that you can sell me a story where there’s some horse in a burning barn, and he’s wearing a halter with reins already attached and a saddlepad. Um…nope. And don’t try to sell me on a story where, circa 1880s, good ol’ Dad, the preacher, tells his daughter that she’s got to find a “mate.” Um…nope. Sorry. They didn’t talk that way. “Husband,” okay. “Mate?” Heck, they’d turn purple before uttering something that “suggestive” of the procreative endeavor.

In a nutshell, the criteria are:

  • excellent writing;
  • excellent story-telling;
  • true-to-fact/life accuracy, whether contemporary or historical;
  • set in a country/rural environment or with main protagonists who are “country” or “rural;”
  • no erotica, porn, or “unseemly” depictions.

Does it cost anything to have your book included?
A link back to your website or blog, if you have one. If you don’t, then maybe a plug on your favored social media platform.

Is there any guarantee that your book will be featured?
No.  But, then, I don’t expect a link back if I don’t feature it.

How long does it take to find out if my book will be featured?
Sometimes as long as a week.  I’ll email you.

And how do I submit my book?
Use my contact form.