Cowboy Author Kent Hanawalt

Montana cowboy author Kent HanawaltI’m having a great time back-and-forthing with author Kent Hanawalt who, lucky man, still lives on a working ranch in Montana. He’s an excellent writer (He really knows how to put pen to paper and tell a true story with flare.), and he’s the real deal when it comes to horses, cattle, and the joys and miseries, the precious life, of living country and running stock in lands where winter is as long as spring, summer, and fall combined, namely Montana.

Ain't This Romantic by cowboy author Kent HanawaltIt’s rare to find a real Montana cowboy, now, especially one who is willing and able to write up the “real” with passion and savvy. Check out Kent’s published book, Ain’t This Romantic!?!, and do put your name in for his next two, which are in progress at this very moment.  (Yeah, Kent shared some of his working manuscript with me, and I can tell you, the stories are great.)  I don’t know if he’s going to use Amazon’s pre-order service or if he’s got an announcement list or newsletter to notify us “live” when his next book will be coming out, but he does have an email addy on his website, and he does respond.  So get your name in, and let’s spread the word.

You can find Kent on the Net on, on Smashwords, and on his blog and his website: Montana Cowboy College and Millennium Cowboy.

–C. J.