To Inherit a Murderer, “Country” Paranormal Suspense

At seven, William killed his mother’s dog. At ten, he stabbed his father with a letter opener. There’s the murder of the family maid. Willed custody of her best friend’s son, Deborah brings home a boy driven by hatred and rage. Injured by him the very first day, he threatens her carefully secured life with increasingly violent acts. But William begins to believe in Deborah as he has never believed in anyone. When Deborah starts to trust in William, though, death answers.

To Inherit a Murderer: Bk I: The Ward by E. J. Ruek

A chilling account of a woman who, against her better judgment, reaches out to a boy everyone has pegged as evil. –Liz Brenaman

Reuk is up there with the best. Crisp, balanced prose. A unique, well-told story. And a protagonist and antagonist the reader won’t be able to get enough of. I’m thrilled The Ward is just the first book in a series. …The Ward is the reason I keep sifting through the galaxy of small and independent publishers; the novel is unique, and it’s very good. –Clayton Bye, Reviewer

“One of those books that makes you twitch, even after you’ve read the last page.”

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Available in print and eBook.