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This resource is for readers who like high quality, “country” novels and books–books featuring rural life or rural heroes, man or woman–good books that kids don’t have to hide from their parents and adults don’t have to hide from their kids…or their friends or even their Better Half.

If, like me, you want well-written, high quality novels and books that celebrate country heroes/heroines, country values, or country lifestyle, whether the novel’s star character is born and bred “country” and stays there, or winds up stuck in the city, and even a story about that city person trying to “go country,” that’s what I aim to focus on. Here you’ll find novels and books about or set on ranches, homesteads, farms, and in small towns in rural America and maybe even a few from around the globe that I think qualify.

You see, I like books and novels about and set in rural places or quaint, small towns, whether those rural places are located in America or somewhere else.  I like them starring “Down Home” heroes and heroines or struggling city folks trying to “go country,” only to find themselves a fish out of water, lacking the knowledge and skill necessary to survive. Then, of course, there’s that provincial wall that “uppity” city folks can often run into head first, especially if they come in thinking the locals are all stupid, backwater peasants. (Better wear a helmet and some Kevlar, City Boy/Girl. Country folk are more savvy than you think, and they pack iron in their punches.)

If you like “country,” then Reading Country might just help you sift the chaff from the wheat and cull the slipshod.

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