Who the Heck is C. J.?

CJCountryJames160x160C. J. “Country” James is a pen name.  My pen name…one of them.  C. J. writes “country.”  But this site isn’t about my books, but about everybody’s–everybody who writes good country novels and books or writes stories that stars somebody “country.”  Key words there are “good” and “country.”  Think ranch, farm, homestead, western, rural, small town, country, and you get what I’m talking about.

So, am I “country?”  Yep.  I can rope a steer, head and heel, wrangle a bronc, and even, when I need to, uncurl my black snake (shot-loaded bull whip for those of you unfamiliar) to get that unruly bull to cooperate–taught by the best, the old hands I grew up around. I can even wrestle a stubborn hog up a loading chute, though, one time, the whole bunch came barreling back down that chute and ran right over the top of me.  That was thanks to somebody up at the truck losing their temper, which made the slaughter hogs bolt for “home.”  I just happened to be in the chute, and they were truly sorry–the pigs, that is, not the guy who lost his temper–once the damage was done. Did I mention that hogs are fast.  They are also very smart. My helper that day wasn’t so smart, though, but, then, he was a city boy “gone country” in name, but not in fact.

And, just like most “country” folks today, I got myself a university education and lived, for awhile, in the city to do it.  But that’s a different topic.

Enough about me.